Enchanted Forest Nursery Tree Wall Decals

enchanted forest nursery tree wall decals

Update: I ended up painting the walls of my nursery in a forest theme rather than using decals. Here are the results!

enchanted forest nursery


The enchanted forest nursery would not be complete without whimsical trees adorning the walls. All of the following tree wall decals can be ordered from Amazon.com. I have only included designs here that look attractive AND have dozens of positive reviews. Be careful of the wall decals you order or you may end up with very tiny stickers!

I love this decal; the trunk, branches, and leaves are all separate so you can really make this tree look however you want or fit into any space. There are examples of it extending out sideways rather than placed in this traditional looking manner, or with the leaves gently dropping off the branches. These decals are awesome because you can remove them and restick them without leaving residue on the wall.

This colorful option has an adorable owl, squirrel, and hedgehog thrown in! 

This spring blossom tree decal is adorable for a baby girl’s room. It measures 40″ wide by 60″ high.

This sweet design has dotted leaves, branches, and truck and has a couple of cheerful looking butterflies and bluebirds!